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The Benefits Of Digital Wedding Invites Over Traditional Printed Cards

Are you still entangled with the traditional method of printing and distributing cards? If yes, it’s time to switch to digital wedding invites to make the process of your wedding event a breeze. Undoubtedly, traditional printed cards squander a lot of your time, and you end up mismanaging half of the occasion. Well, if you want your special day to remain unique and pleasant, go digital! From RSVP to tables and seating arrangement, take complete advantage of going digital and pave the way for effortless and trendy wedding celebrations.

Here are some of the significant benefits of digital wedding invites over traditional printed cards:

Digital wedding invites give an elegant look

When it comes to elegance, digital wedding invites should be your priority. Printed cards cannot give that elegant look, as you will not find many templates or options. Therefore, online invitations are more striking and beautiful. Besides, as they become more popular, invitees get excited and make it the talk of the town.


As mentioned above, you have plenty of templates to give your digital wedding invites an enticing look. However, if you can’t decide from the templates and want to make your wedding day more special, customization of online invitations is also an amazing option. The customization incorporates personalized texts, a high-quality picture with your partner, and even videos. 

To make your digital wedding invites more attractive, you can match the theme of the invitation with your wedding theme. This will give your invite a new look and spread excitement throughout your invitees. 

Quick RSVP

Online invitations mean quicker responses from the guests. The hassle of calling and asking person-to-person for RSVP will no longer be your duty. Guests can respond promptly, leading you to make preparations like table and seating arrangements and meal selections easily. Online RSVP is just a matter of a couple of clicks, thus making it effortless for guests to mark their attendance. 

Interestingly, even if a few of your guests haven’t responded, there is no need to make phone calls. You can send them a reminder or a private message to which guests can immediately reply.


Wedding planning always depends on how much you want to spend. And for sure, you look for the things that are budget-friendly. Digital wedding invites are far more affordable than paper invitations. Now let us explain to you how. It eliminates the cost of envelopes and cards. In fact, it also reduces the cost of petrol as you don't need to travel and distribute the wedding cards door to door. 

Moreover, the tremendous benefit of opting for digital invites is that you can ask for as much detailing as you want, and it won't cost you extra! 

Environmentally beneficial

Our biggest goal as a responsible human being is to save this planet. Digital wedding invites also mean you are planning an absolutely paperless event. All thanks to you for curtailing the risk of cutting trees for the sake of paper and destroying birds.

Easy guest list management

Some websites only offer online wedding invitations. However, Click Invitation offers various features along with digital invitations like easy guest list management, online RSVP, meal selection, gifts, and a payment gateway. So, say goodbye to all these hassles and get ready to enjoy your day to the fullest. Register yourself now to take advantage of all these features.


Digitize Your Invites, Control your guest List.

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