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Non-traditional Wedding Ideas To Make Your Wedding Aesthetic

Are you an unconventional couple escaping traditions and looking for fresh ideas? Then this blog is for you! Many couples are not fond of following the customs and traditions. Modern couples desire to plan their wedding in their own way. And there’s nothing wrong with making your special unique and buzzworthy. Therefore, we present you with a few non-traditional wedding ideas that you would love. 

Choose an aesthetic theme

Should we tell you that not having an aesthetic theme in your wedding means you are missing out on something very big? One of the best non-traditional wedding ideas is choosing an aesthetic theme for your wedding. You can go for a modern minimalist theme focused on neutral colors and delicate decor. 

Modern minimalist wedding themes are becoming popular now. Emphasis on white color, along with some other neutral or contrasting colors to give it an eye-captivating look is the main goal of this theme. Couples usually prefer a white setting paired with greenery. 

Have a wedding with a few people only

Huge weddings are not everybody’s cup of tea. Therefore, if you are planning a wedding that includes only your loved ones, it is totally fine. Honestly, smaller weddings are more elegant and reposeful. So, no need to think twice.

Besides, these types of weddings are budget-friendly. Where to save and where to splurge is up to you. Spend a lot of money on an eight-course tasting menu paired with excellent wines manageable for a small team. Indeed, it is possible to minimize costs by reducing both the headcount and the cost per head.

Choose a non-traditional location

Well, to make your special day full of excitement, you can also plan a destination wedding. Great idea! No? If you love the idea, check out our blog, “6 tips to plan a destination wedding on an affordable budget.”

Or if you think planning out a destination wedding requires a lot of your time, you can also choose your favorite spot for your wedding, like the place where you met for the first time, a beach, or a restaurant. 

Go digital

Non-traditional wedding ideas mean no printed cards and no printed RSVPs. It’s time to go digital! Digital invites and wedding websites make your wedding process simple and free the couple from unnecessary burdens. Easy communication with the guests and last-minute reminders are the best features of wedding websites. Subsequently, no need for hosts to petrify dealing with such stuff anymore. 

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Skip the white dress

Dear modern brides, do you find white bridal dresses too customary? You are not alone because many brides yearn to wear a different outfit on their special day. So, there’s nothing wrong with ditching a white dress. You can design a dress of your choice with your style, and slay it like a queen. It can be a colorful dress, a printed floral dress, or even a jumpsuit. Let us tell you, wearing a dress different from white is one of the coolest non-traditional wedding ideas. 

Unexpected entertainment

Every invitee going to a wedding knows that it is going to be the same as other weddings. How about booking some unexpected entertainment for your attendees to give them a lifetime experience at the wedding? They will definitely remember your wedding forever. You can arrange a pool party, live music, and karaoke. 

Have your pet walk you down the aisle

You love seeing all your close ones at your wedding, so why not your pet? You can involve your pet in your wedding in a variety of ways, such as dressing them up to accompany you to the altar or giving them the crucial duty of ring bearer.

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One thing that works best for your special day is doing what your heart says. Your friends and family might argue the decisions you make for your wedding, but this is YOUR day, and it is supposed to be your way. There are several ways to make your wedding event fun and one-of-a-kind. Go conventional with Click Invitation by registering yourself and enjoying the ideal features that make your wedding hassle-free and unique. 


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