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Wedding Day Checklist: Your Complete Guide For Easy Planning

We understand that being a bride and groom is not so easy. The joy and excitement of the wedding day are on one side; on the other, the stress and confusion take over all your happiness. You have to micromanage every petite thing. From decorations to sending out invitation cards, you have a mountain of responsibilities to carry out. To free yourself from unnecessary stress and perplexity, create a wedding day checklist. 

In this blog, we will share with you some valuable insights and guide you regarding your wedding day checklist. So, let’s begin!

Plan your wedding 12-13 months before the wedding day

Start planning your wedding 12-13 months before the actual wedding day, as it will assist you in figuring out your budget and give you enough time to perform research for your wedding dress, makeover, and other wedding essentials. If your wedding takes place less than a year from now, you can make the necessary adjustments and finish each duty faster.

12 months prior to the nuptials

Your 12 months before the wedding day list includes research and discussions with your partner regarding budgeting and which guests to invite. 

11 months prior to the nuptials

Congrats! Now, there is only less than a year left before your wedding. Start finalizing things like the wedding date, venue, and guest list. Contact vendors, and don’t forget to review the customer reviews while hiring them.

10 months prior to the nuptials

09 months prior to the nuptials

08 months prior to the nuptials

Your excitement is snowballing, and you can't wait to send your guests' save-the-date cards, right? Register yourself to Click Invitation for classy online save-the-date cards now!

07 months prior to the nuptials

06 months prior to the nuptials

Give yourself a little break and spend some quality time with your partner. Besides, you can also complete some of the undone or remaining wedding preparations. 

05 months prior to the nuptials

04 months prior to the nuptials

03 months prior to the nuptials

02 months prior to the nuptials

We know you are closer to your special day, so to make it more special and memorable, arrange a bachelor/bachelorette party with your friends. After all, excitement should run through every guest! Moreover, register to Click Invitation for fabulous digital invitations and get personalized invitations to add glitz to your wedding.

01 month prior to the nuptials

Only one month to go for your wedding? Now, you need to finalize all your bookings and check everything. Endless smaller things keep going, but you don’t need to get anxious about those smaller things. Keep yourself relaxed; book manicure and pedicure sessions a week or two before the wedding day. Moreover, get your facial and massage done for peace of mind. 

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To prevent yourself from poor management and chaos, it is mandatory to start preparing for your wedding at least a year before your special day. With our summarized and easy-to-understand wedding day checklist, you can tackle all the important tasks effortlessly. Additionally, choosing Click Invitation for online RSVPs, online seating arrangements, and digital invitations definitely serve as a cherry on top! 


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