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We're excited to invite you to experience the power of ClickInvitation with our exclusive 5-day free trial offer. Unlike other platforms, we're committed to giving you a genuine taste of what we offer, without asking for your credit card details upfront.

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Access to Our Full Range of Stunning Templates

From elegant online wedding invitations to lively birthday designs, we have templates for every occasion. Get inspired and create something truly special.

Intuitive Customization

Personalize every aspect of your invitation – colors, fonts, images, and more. Our userfriendly editor ensures you can bring your vision to life effortlessly.

Mobile-Friendly Invitations

Your invitations will shine on every device. Whether it's a smartphone, tablet, or desktop, your guests will be captivated from the moment they open your invite.

Innovation Meets Simplicity

We combine cuSng-edge design with an intuitive platform, making it easy for both techsavvy users and beginners to create beautiful invitations.

Easy Guest Management

Seamlessly manage your guest list and RSVPs. Say goodbye to the hassle of tracking responses manually.

Unleash Your Creativity

Our tools empower you to bring your vision to life. From elegant to playful, you're in control of how your invitation looks and feels.

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Remember, each event type can have its own unique design elements, colors, and wording to suit the occasion. Make sure to tailor the content to match the tone and style of the event you're hosting

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Using QR Codes for Seamless Event Check-In and Organizer Tracking

    QR codes have transformed event check-in and made tracking a breeze. Here's how to use them:

  • Arrival and QR Code: When you arrive at the event, have your digital or printed invitation ready. The QR code is typically found on the invitation.
  • Scan the QR Code: Use your smartphone or a QR code scanner app to scan the code. This will take you to the event's check-in page.
  • Check-In Process: On the check-in page, follow the instructions. You may need to confirm your attendance and provide contact information.
  • QR Code Check-In: After successfully checking in, the page may display your table number or name. The QR code is designed for organizers to track guest arrivals and check them in.
  • Event Enjoyment: With the check-in process complete, you're all set to enjoy the event. There's no need to search for your table or wait in line at the reception door.
  • QR codes simplify event check-in and provide organizers with real-time tracking data. They enhance the guest experience and make events run more smoothly.



What is ClickInvitation?
ClickInvitation is an online platform that simplifies event planning by providing digital invitations for all types of events. We offer a wide range of customizable invitation templates and tools to help you manage RSVPs and event details.
How does ClickInvitation work?
It's easy! Choose a template, personalize it with your event details, and then send it to your guests electronically. They can RSVP online, and you can track responses in real-time, making event planning a breeze.
What types of events can I use ClickInvitation for?
ClickInvitation can be used for any event, from birthday parties and weddings to corporate events and fundraisers. We have templates to suit a wide variety of occasions.
Are the digital invitations customizable?
Yes, absolutely! You can customize the text, colors, fonts, and even add your own images or logos to make the invitations uniquely yours.
Is ClickInvitation eco-friendly?
Yes, we're committed to reducing paper waste. By using digital invitations, you're helping the environment by eliminating the need for physical paper invitations.
How do guests RSVP to an invitation?
Guests can easily RSVP by clicking the RSVP button on the digital invitation. They can indicate whether they will attend, and you'll receive their responses instantly.
Can I track RSVPs and manage my guest list?
Absolutely! ClickInvitation provides a guest list management feature that allows you to keep track of RSVPs, send reminders, and update event details as needed.
Is ClickInvitation secure for sharing event details?
Yes, we prioritize security and privacy. All event details and RSVPs are kept confidential and accessible only to you and your invited guests.
How much does ClickInvitation cost?
We offer 5 days complete website trial no strings attached. And then 99$ to subscribe for 2 years per event.
Do we have a count for the guests and dishes?
Yes, on the tables page, an auto count is implemented so you can print and hand to your reception hall or restaurant .
Can we steer our guests to their tables?
Yes, we made it very easy to create tables and assign the guests to their seats.
Does it include a photo gallery?
Yes, we offer a photo gallery for all photos uploaded by the organizers and their guests to the private webpage of the event.


Effortless Event Planning

ClickInvitation streamlines every aspect of event planning, offering auto guest count, customizable invitations, and intuitive table and seating arrangement tools for seamless, stress-free celebrations. Personalize your event with our easy-to-use customization options or upload your own designs for unique, memorable invitations.

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