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10 baby Shower Themes To Make Your Occasion Fun and Memorable

We know you are deliriously excited about your baby shower and looking for ideas to make your occasion full of joy. Well, why not? After all, a baby shower is one of the most important and biggest days in the lives of parents-to-be. Laughter and happy tears are all part of the big day. Therefore, this blog presents 10 baby shower themes to add glitz to your event. 

1. Dinosaur-themed baby shower

Invite your friends to join you in welcoming your cuddly bear in a dinosaur-themed baby shower. A theme centered around prehistoric dinosaurs is ideal for parents who love Jurassic Park and want to instill a love of paleontology in their child at a young age. Regarding the venue, selecting a location for a dinosaur theme is rather easy as you can arrange your event in any park or garden with greenery. Moreover, you can make terrariums with glass globe vases or use dinosaur eggs as centerpieces for decorations.

2. Harry Potter-themed baby shower

Out of many baby shower themes, Harry Potter-themed baby showers remain fascinating. If you are a big fan of Harry Potter, what is better than living your dream and turning it into a themed party to celebrate your little bundle of joy? You can ask your guests to show up in certain characters and choose yourself as the main couple of characters like Harry Potter and Ginny, or Ron and Hermoine. Moreover, make your venue look like Hogwarts and serve non-alcoholic butterbeer and Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans.

3. Balloon-themed baby shower

What can be more amazing than a balloon-themed baby shower if you plan a gender-neutral baby shower? However, hosting such themed baby showers is not a piece of cake. You need to find the right decorations and matchings; additionally, the struggle to make the event unique and memorable makes it more challenging. 

However, let us make it easy and trendy for you. Boho balloons are trending these days, and they offer high flexibility. They are available in pastel and matte shades, which is the greatest part. Thus, a garland made of these balloons will make your baby shower distinctive from others. Besides, you can also use vibrant colored balloons to make the baby shower look lively. Let some balloons float on the floor to make it look like a balloon-themed baby shower.

4. Fall-themed baby shower

Are you planning your baby shower in the fall? If yes, a fall-themed baby shower will perfectly complement your day. You can decorate the venue with different shades of brown that will give your guests a fall vibe. Use wooden tables and chairs to provide a more autumny effect. To get the most out of the autumn season, provide hot chocolate and pasteurized apple cider, or go all out with a s'more bar. 

5. Mustache-themed baby shower

One of the best baby shower themes to welcome a baby boy is a mustache-themed baby shower. Who doesn't find it amusing when everyone has a mustache? This straightforward yet hilarious baby boy shower theme can provide a ton of amusing photo opportunities. The best part is the mustache theme is gradually becoming well-known; therefore, it is easy to host. 

6. Into the Woods baby shower theme

Both boys and girls adore rustic baby shower themes ideas. Take it a step further with woodland elements like cake stands made of tree trunks and various desserts in shades of brown and white. This forest baby shower theme outshines others because of tastefully groomed pine cones, bundles of branches, and an "it's a boy" banner.

7. Pearl-themed baby shower

People who adore simple yet elegant decorations usually go for baby shower themes that infuse only one color: white. If you are fond of keeping things simple, a pearl-themed baby shower is best for you. Use a variety of white and cream-colored decorations to create a lovely atmosphere that will make Mama feel very special. As far as the eye can see, a sea of white balloons will make the area feel lively even with the lack of color. White wrapping paper will come in helpful.

8. Nautical baby shower theme

The idea behind a nautical baby shower theme is to celebrate the impending arrival of the little one while embracing the spirit of the sea. This theme combines themes inspired by sailing, the ocean, and all things nautical in a pleasant and whimsical way. A sea and waves-inspired palette of blue and white can be used to design the space to set the mood.

9. Safari-themed baby shower

If you are looking for adventurous baby shower themes, pick up none other than a safari theme. It is a wild and adventurous way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of the little baby. It brings the spirit of the African Savannah right to your celebration, creating a fun and memorable atmosphere. Besides, decorate the venue with lush greenery, animal prints, and safari-inspired elements.  

10. Sunflower-themed baby shower

Who doesn't want to celebrate the upcoming precious gem in a bright and cheerful way? A sunflower-themed baby shower is a colorful and cheerful way to celebrate the forthcoming arrival of the little one. It's all about capturing the beauty and warmth of sunflowers, which symbolize happiness, joy, and new beginnings.

To bring the sunflower theme to life, you can start by incorporating sunflowers into your decorations. Use sunflower bouquets as centerpieces, hang sunflower garlands, and scatter sunflower petals on the tables. 

How do you choose between so many baby shower themes?

Doubtlessly, this is the valid question of parents-to-be: how do you choose between so many baby shower themes? You can consider a few things while picking up a baby shower theme. Firstly, pick a theme that you and your partner love; let it be your favorite movie, series or even your favorite childhood cartoon. Next, decide whether you will go for a gender-specific or gender-neutral theme and make your decorations accordingly.


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