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The Complete Online RSVP Wedding Guide For New Couples

Hello, new couples! We know you are going through a rollercoaster ride of different emotions like excitement, joy, and thrill. Planning your special day takes a lot of effort and time, melting away your excitement and joy. Therefore, oftentimes couples get frustrated, especially when you are drafting your guest list. The number of guests, distribution of wedding invites, and RSVP are the major concerns of every couple. However, have you wondered about making your event planning a breeze? If not, then let us tell you in this blog we are providing you with a complete online RSVP wedding guide for all the new couples who are confused and a tad tentative about switching to the online process. 

Here is your online RSVP wedding guide where you will find the answer to your every query, so keep reading our blog.

What is RSVP?

The word “RSVP” is derived from the French phrase “répondez s’il vous plaît” which simply means, “please respond.” In a nutshell, RSVP is a kind request to guests to respond to the wedding invitation by accepting or declining the invitation so that the event’s arrangement can be made accordingly. 

It is one of the indispensable aspects of the wedding process as your financial budget, bills, seating arrangement, and meal selection are contingent upon the number of people. Therefore, it is also an anxiety-ridden process. As a guest, you are supposed to RSVP on time so that the hosts can easily continue the event planning without squandering much of the time. 

Types of RSVP

The customary way of responding to an event invitation usually involves guests filling out a card provided by the host. The card typically includes fields for guests to enter their name, response to the invitation, and meal preference, if applicable. This process can be time-consuming for both the guests and the host. It requires the guests to fill out the card and the host to carefully keep track of the responses and meal selections.

The easiest and chaos-free way to get your guests' response is an online RSVP. You don’t need to wait for a longer time for RSVPs as it is only a matter of a few clicks. Moreover, you can also monitor the guests' activity like who opened your RSVP or who did not, so you can notify them to send you a response. 

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Wedding websites usually provide you with a link. Some websites offer you the choice of whether to keep your RSVP link private or public. So, if the link is public anyone with the website link can have access to it. Your significant other and you won't have to enter down everyone's names in advance because their names are added to the guest list as soon as they answer. If it's private, visitors will be required to RSVP by entering their names when they click on the link to your wedding website. The only people who can reply are those who you or your partner have already added to the guest list.

How long should you allow your guests to reply?- online RSVP wedding guide

Now, the question is- how long should you allow your guests to reply? The first thing that you need to consider is ‘your’ time to send the RSVP. The ideal time for sending RSVP is at least a month or two before the wedding day. Don’t ask your guests to respond in the blink of an eye, as it will convey a rude impression. In addition, don’t give your guests a long time to respond, as it will only result in procrastination. 

Send your online RSVP wedding guide one or two months prior to the wedding day, and set your RSVP due date 3-4 weeks before the wedding day. Moreover, if you are planning a destination wedding, you will need to adjust the RSVP date accordingly. Also, try to send online wedding invitations as early as possible. 


With our detailed online RSVP wedding guide you must have got all your answers. All you need to do is calm yourself down and handle every process of your wedding smartly. Moreover, keep your RSVP due date font large and legible for guests convenience. 

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