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Celebrate Your Child With Thoughtful Baptism Invitation Wording

Christening and baptism are two different rituals; however, many families usually merge the events and celebrate them as one. Baptism signifies that the child born is ready to enter into a family as a Christian with faith in Jesus Christ. So christening is a jovial occasion for gathering your closest family members and friends. Therefore, make sure you have some unique baptism invitation wording and ideas to warm the hearts of the invitees. 

Tips for Baptism Invitation Wording

To write heart-touching Baptism invitation wording, it is mandatory to choose the words and phrases appropriately. Most often, parents choose verses from the bible or give references to heaven and Jesus Christ. Moreover, the wordings also depend on the family culture, the celebration, and the nature of the church.

Some Examples Of Baptism Invitation Wording

Baptism Invitation with Simple Wordings

  1. [Names of parents, Grandparents, and God parents] are glad to welcome a little bundle of joy in God's family. Please join us in celebrating our son [name] 's baptism on [date] at [location].
    Timings: [ ]
  2. We request you to celebrate our daughter Amelia's Baptism with us at [location] on [day and date] at [time].
    Name of parents
    Grandparent’s name
    Name of Godparents
  3. We entrust our child to Christ's care permanently on this day.
    Please come celebrate our son's or daughter's (name) christening on (day) at (time).
    At (location).

Names of Parents
RSVP number

Unique Baptism Invitation Wordings to begin your invite

“May this special day of Baptism be a joyful celebration of faith, love, and new beginnings.”

“With love and blessings, we gather to witness and celebrate the sacred moment of baptism.”

“As water cleanses and renews, may this baptism be a symbol of God’s grace and everlasting love.”

“Our child will be blessed with God's guidance and love through the sacred ceremony of baptism.”

"On the eve of our child's baptism, praise the Lord as he will purify our infant from all evil in the world. We need your presence so that we might see another miracle from the Lord.”

Some more Baptism Invite Wording

“We extend a warm invitation to you to participate with us in commemorating the holy sacrament of baptism for [name]. This happy occasion will be graced with your valued presence.”

“Please honor us with your presence as we gather to witness the sanctification of [name] through the holy sacrament of baptism. Your attendance will truly enrich this blessed event.”

“You are warmly invited to partake in the reverential ceremony of baptism, as we bestow divine blessings upon [name]. Your cherished presence will illuminate this sacred gathering.”

“We humbly request the pleasure of your company as we commemorate the christening of [name]. Your esteemed presence will elevate the sanctity of this blessed occasion.”

“At the christening, we pray for God's tender guidance and unending care, as well as for blessings and happiness that will last throughout your life—not just for the infant, but for you too.”

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