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Unlocking Event Planning Bliss: The Click Invitation Way

Planning events should be a joyful journey, not a stressful maze. At click invitation, we're your trusted guides to making event planning a happy, hassle-free experience. Imagine crafting personalized digital invitations that reflect your unique style, with real-time guest list management, seating arrangements, and meal tracking at your fingertips. It's an invitation to happiness.

Let’s have a glance at Click Invitation's unparalleled features to take complete advantage of our online event planning tools:

  1. Digital Invitations
  2. Online guest list tracker
  3. Seamless event check-in process
  4. Online table charts
  5. Main meal choices and allergies
  6. Gifts and payment gateway
  7. Photo Gallery

Digital Invitations

Vibrant colors and matching themes in your invitations are pure bliss in event planning. However, paper invitations do not elevate the elegance of invitations. Therefore, Click Invitation designs digital invites that not only capture your guests’ attention but are also environmentally friendly.

Online guest list tracker

Whether it’s a corporate gathering, birthday party, or wedding occasion, an online guest list tracker is one of the exceptional features of Click Invitation to add sparkles to your event planning. It is the best way to give yourself relief from calling your guests individually for RSVP and keeping track of your guests manually. 

Event guest list management is the formidable task of event planning. However, with our event planning tool, this task is a piece of cake. You do not need to call every guest, remind them about the event day, or update them about the last-minute changes on call because the online guest list tracker contains all these small features. 

Seamless event check-in process

Event planning is incomplete without a seamless event check-in process. Guests can simply scan their QR codes at the reception, receiving an acknowledgment of their attendance which makes the entry process swift and efficient. 

QR codes can significantly improve the attendee experience in large gatherings. They eliminate the need for physical tickets and make the check-in process more efficient and smoother, which in turn reduces the workload of venue staff and hosts. QR codes are especially helpful in managing large gatherings that are difficult to handle. They streamline the check-in process and ensure that attendees have a seamless experience.

Online table chart

To stay organized and to keep every guest at ease, Click Invitation introduces the feature of an online table chart where hosts or guests can effortlessly choose their table and chairs before the event. Therefore, an online table chart is a mandatory aspect of unlocking event planning bliss. 

Mean meal choices and allergies

Are you stressed out regarding meal selection at your event? Well, we know how stressful it is for you when it comes to selecting meals for your guests, especially when you don’t even have the faintest idea about their preferences. Therefore, Click Invitation includes a feature wherein guests’ dietary preferences during the RSVP process are collected to make the process of menu selection easier for the hosts. 

Gifts and payment gateway

Gift-giving can be made easier with our integrated payment gateway. The site allows guests to send monetary gifts or make contributions to gifts, which makes the experience easy and convenient.

Photo Gallery

Exchanging and asking for pictures after the event is a chaotic experience. Therefore, your event planning requires a photo gallery where guests as well as organizers can upload every special moment in the photo gallery. Now preserve your every moment with the Click Invitation photo gallery. 


A joyful event is when everything is at your fingertips in this fast-paced digital era. From customized digital invites to a smooth check-in process for the guests, your event planning requires Click Invitation to make the process of large gatherings a breeze. 

The secret to event planning joy is a little bit of imagination mixed with flawless organization and attention to detail. Everyone participating can have an amazing experience if every detail—including the theme, décor, entertainment, and logistics—is thoughtfully thought out. Never forget that having fun and enjoying the process are the most essential things!


Digitize Your Invites, Control your guest List.

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