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Why to Choose Online Seating Charts For Big Events

An online seating chart allows you to visually assign the tables and chairs to the guests before the wedding to avoid the mess of crowds standing and fighting for the seats. However, it is not necessary that only you are supposed to assign the seats; guests can also choose their tables and seats according to their preferences. To ensure that your event remains organized until the end, whether a corporate event or a marriage event, an online seating chart plays a significant role in a successful event.

Reasons to choose an online seating chart

1. Stay Organized

Many events lead to utter chaos due to disorganization caused by seating arrangements. Some attendees keep changing their seats and tables, which causes disturbance to other people. This is the root cause of mismanagement at a wedding or corporate event. Therefore, an online seating chart is the best possible way to stay organized and let people sit comfortably on their tables without anyone taking over their place.

2. Avoid Boredom

Imagine finding yourself seated at a table with a group of people who are complete strangers to you. This scenario is quite common during weddings and birthday events. For individuals who do not enjoy engaging with strangers, these situations can become quite dull and result in their energy levels dropping. This is where an online table planner becomes essential and can help to alleviate this issue.

3. Sit close to the bride and groom

Immediate family and close friends of the bride and groom are supposed to sit close to them. One of the most important considerations while assigning seats through an online seating chart is the placement of the parents of the bride and groom. On the other hand, depending on elements like guest list size and the relationship between families, there are other possibilities to think about. For instance, it's crucial to make sure parents who have divorced or remarried feel at ease and not uncomfortable sitting at the same table.

4. Easy access to the buffet

Who wouldn't want easy access to a buffet? It is vital to arrange tables and chairs in a way that ensures people's comfort, making it easy for them to access the buffet. When choosing an online seating chart, the meal is one of the most important factors to consider since guests do not want to experience any discomfort while having their meal.

How to make an online seating chart that everyone admires

To make an online seating chart that everyone admires requires a bit of effort. It means you need to make everyone happy with your online table planner. Click Invitation creates a flexible and seamless online table planner in just a few quick steps:

  1. Create a seating chart two weeks before any event.
  2. Get the floor plan by contacting the venue members for proper dimensions and spaces.
  3. Calculate the number of tables required.
  4. Leaving the extra spaces to give a spacious look to the venue.
  5. Gives guests an option to select their own seats and table.
  6. Send emails or printed invites to your visitors along with your 4-digit access code.


As compared to other wedding tasks, creating an online seating chart is not a daunting challenge. Organizing huge events is a tough cookie, but with Click Invitation, it can be a breeze when we use table planning software to provide ease to guests as well as hosts. We take care of the faintest of discomfort to ensure maximum comfort. Every visitor must have a comfortable seat and enough space to walk around.


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